Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or improve strength and endurance levels, we have a wide variety of classes to achieve your goals in a friendly environment and with instructors to give your motivation a helping hand.

Class Times

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Tone Zone

Tone Zone is a strength-based class, which focuses on challenging and improving core strength through the use of weight machines and mat-based exercises. Allowing members to use weight machines at their own pace and monitoring progress with program cards, means that this class is suitable for all members, regardless of ability level.

Legs, Bums and Tums

The Legs, Bums and Tums class uses a mixture of aerobics and mat-based exercises to target those three key areas. Using toning exercises including squats, lunges, sit ups and planks means that members of any ability are able to join in and get those legs, bums and tums in shape.


Our studio has recently been kitted out with 11 state of the art spin bikes. Spinning classes are an amazing way to improve cardiovascular fitness endurance. We have lots of different spinning classes at various times, so whether you want a quick boost before work or need to fit your workout into a hectic schedule, we have a spot for you.


Our circuit classes use a variety of techniques, including main gym equipment and mat-based exercises to give members a full-body workout. We have a range of classes for all abilities and look forward to welcoming you.


Pilates is a body conditioning method based on the fusion of body and mind which results in an improved posture, flexibility, overall strength and a new lease into the way a person’s body feels, looks and performs.

Pilates focuses on a range of muscle groups at once, whilst building a strong core. A favourite workout for professional dancers, athletes and models, Pilates improve flexibility, agility, control, posture and balance, making it ideal for those recovering from injuries, or just looking to implement more discipline into their routine.

Miranda Tuddenham, our Pilates instructor, qualified in STOTT Mat Pilates in August 2015. She has experience dealing with a variety of ages and abilities as well as a range of injury recovery. We offer both group classes and one-to-one sessions, so no matter your ability or confidence level, Miranda can help you.

classes coaches

Amy Bobbins Proprietor & Fitness Instructor

Amy is Heywoods dance guru, a former professional dancer who has turned her attention to running the fitness side of the club ? Amy runs a number of on-site classes each week, as well as the Junglebody brand sessions and the new Block Fit classes. .

Liz Cole Fitness Queen

Liz Cole delivers spinning and circuit classes – she’s a fitness queen who always has time for new members.